Earn to Die 1

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Earn to Die 1
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Earn to Die 1

Here you can play the game Earn to Die 1 in which you will need to do everything in order to crush as many zombies as possible on the car. According to the plot, you find yourself somewhere in the desert and at first glance you have no chance to survive. The car you're driving is pretty bad, so there's very little chance you'll be able to get out of the desert. In order to get to the helicopter and get out of the desert, you will need to upgrade the car. To do this, earn money on the fact that you will knock down zombies. For these funds it will be possible to purchase improvements for the car. From the parts you can buy wheels, a body, a motor, a machine gun, an enlarged gas tank and much more. The game is finally unlocked, so it can be played without a flash player.

How to play?

In order to start playing Earn to Die 1 you will need to press the start button. After that, you will be taken to the garage, where you can look at your own car. You have access to a car. A little later, you can buy yourself a jeep, as well as a truck. For each race, you need to try to shoot down as many zombies as possible. The less time you spend on the route, the higher the final result will be. Keep in mind that while riding the track will be very rough, so it will be difficult to drive to the finish line.

  • Arrows-drive the car
  • Space-nitro