Moto X3M

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Moto X3M
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Moto X3M

Before you is a Moto X3M game in which you will need to help your main character drive a long distance with a motorcycle. Along the perimeter of the entire road, there will be obstacles everywhere that will definitely make your path much more difficult. While riding, you will regularly run into hills as well as depressions. Sometimes on your way there will be such breaks in the road that you can overcome if you accelerate at high speed and fly over it. All the time of your trip at the top of the screen will be counting down the time. That is, the less time you spend on reaching the finish line, the higher the result you will have in the end. During your movement, you will need to perform dangerous stunts. It can be a forward flip or a backward flip. Each successful trick will reduce the total time spent on how much you have already spent on completing the mission.

How to play?

In order to start playing Moto X3M you will need to click on start, select a mission and start the engine of your motorcycle. Each of the proposed 20 levels is exciting and interesting, as well as extreme. It is filled with various difficulties that you will have to go through if you want the level to be completed at the maximum level. It is possible to complete the level by 1, 2 or 3 stars. The final level of your passage will depend on your motorcycle riding skills. Moto X3M is finally unblocked after all flash games were blocked a year ago. Now you can already play without a flash player, so feel free to enjoy the gameplay. We believe that only brave players will be able to complete the entire game, so if you are, then you have an excellent chance of success.

  • Arrow keys - move forward
  • W+S - quick start