Earn To Die 2: Exodus

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Earn To Die 2: Exodus
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Earn To Die 2: Exodus

Before you is the famous game Earn To Die 2: Exodus, online in which you need to knock down zombies on vehicles with great pleasure. The road on which you will drive is uneven and completely broken. You can even say that this is off-road, so you will have to make every effort to successfully reach your destination. You will start your journey in Las Vegas. The final city you need to get to is Miami. The developer of this game, like all previous parts and series, is a company - Not Doppler. More recently, Earn To Die 2: Exodus has been unlocked, so it can finally be played online without a flash player. Initially, only one car is available to you, but after a while you will definitely be able to open other vehicles.

How to play?

In order to start this famous game you will need to press the start button. After that, you will need to buy your first car in the garage. Initially, the car is quite bad, but over time it can be upgraded. In order for you to have the opportunity to improve your car, you will need to knock down zombies on the roads. For the funds received from your successes, in your garage you will be able to purchase such components as: a motor, a gas tank, a body, wheels, a machine gun and much more.

  • Arrows - drive the car
  • Space - nitro