Traffic Racer

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Traffic Racer
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Traffic Racer

An excellent and very interesting Traffic Racer game in which you will need to do everything in order to drive as far as possible along the distance by car. What matters most in this game is how long it takes you to get to the finish line. While driving, other vehicles will get in your way. Your task is to skillfully go around them so as not to get into an accident. The process of riding is very difficult, but you can definitely succeed. On the screen while driving, you will see the data, what is your speed, as well as the distance that you have already traveled. There are many cars in the game that you can drive. Initially, only one car is available, but when you succeed in the races, you will definitely be able to open other cars that are currently closed. Each car can be upgraded so that you can drive it for a greater distance.

How to play?

In order to start playing, you will first need to choose a car in which you will drive. After that, you will have the option to select a game mode. There are only 4 of them, where you will need to show your best abilities, such as speed, reaction and much more. In addition to these settings, next you have to choose the weather that will be during the ride. It can be rain, night or sunny day. In order to earn money for new cars, you will need to be successful in racing. The road will have 4 lanes, so you will have different options for turns while driving on the track. Keep in mind that there will be completely different vehicles on the road, so it will sometimes be very difficult to go around them.

  • Arrow right and left - control the machine
  • Down arrow - brake
  • Forward arrow - move forward