Turbo Moto Racer

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Turbo Moto Racer
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Turbo Moto Racer

Do you love motorcycle riding? If yes, then you have found a very correct game called Turbo Moto Racer. You have the opportunity to ride at high speed by choosing any of the proposed motorcycles. The main task while driving is to drive as far as possible along the distance and at the same time not get into an accident. It is important to drive at a very high speed, because this is what will reduce the time spent on completing the mission. Initially, only one motorcycle is available to you, but after a while you will definitely be able to purchase other types of motorcycles, more modern ones. The game has a game mode, so choose the one you like the most and start the game. You can upgrade your motorcycle in the garage, but for this you will need to earn money.

How to play?

The gameplay is very simple, you just need to choose a bike, a track, and then start the mission. Keep in mind that while riding on the street there can be completely different weather, namely: rain, snow, sunny day, as well as slush. The further you drive, the higher the speed of your transport, which means that the difficulty of passing each level will increase. Money will be paid to you for successfully completed missions, and you will spend these funds on improving the motorcycle.

  • AD or left,right key – Steer
  • UP Key – Accelerate
  • DOWN Key – Decelerate
  • W – Wheelie
  • R – Horn