Slope 2 Player

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Slope 2 Player
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Slope 2 Player

A very interesting Slope 2 Player game in which you will need to do everything in order to help the ball get as far as possible along the distance. This amazing game can be played with 2 players. The essence of this game can be described as ball parkour. As the ball moves forward, you will need to go around various obstacles that will be in your way. During the movement, it will be possible to collect various bonus gems. They will eventually be counted in order for the result to be maximum. You will need to try to control your ball so that it gets as far as possible along the distance. During the movement, there will be a high opportunity for your ball to fall down, so do everything efficiently, but as carefully as possible.

How to play?

In order to start playing this wonderful game called Slope 2 Player you must first select a game mode. There is a game mode for 1 player, and it is also possible to play for 2 players. For each successfully completed level you will be credited with money. For these funds it will be possible to purchase improvements for the ball. If you select the game mode for 2 players, then the screen will be conditionally divided so that it is convenient for each of the players to observe the events taking place.

  • Player 1 = AD
  • Player 2 = arrows