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An exciting game that is in front of you is called Pikuniku online and it has become very popular on the Internet. You find yourself in a very strange and colorful world in which absolutely unprecedented events will take place. Your task is to take control of the main character, who you will need to walk around the area. You will need to help the locals who just live here. They will constantly have various problems, so you will need to do everything to solve them skillfully. The appearance of the main characters is very impressive, so you will need to learn how to control them, because we have no idea what they are capable of. Be logical in order to understand how to help some of the main characters get out of the difficulties they got into.

How to play?

In order to start playing this exciting game, you just need to click on the keyboard arrows so that your main character starts walking down the street. The exciting story will definitely be to your liking, so we advise you to understand the story and start the game right now. The game can be played online without downloading to a computer.

  • Arrow keys - walk
  • A - katana