Ratings: 2 (average 3 from 5)
Played: 1805

Pogostuck is a very interesting game that you can play online without downloading to your computer. In this game the plot is very unusual, but at the same time too extreme. The boy was able to somewhere find a special stick, which is called pogo stick. With her help you can move around the terrain. You should realize that the terrain on which you will move very difficult. On the way you will meet various obstacles that you will need to jump over. In order to be successful with pogo sticks, you will need to get accustomed to moving on them. On the screen you will see how much distance you have already traveled. Also visible will be other auxiliary indicators that are very important to you when passing each mission. The game is very fun, so you should realize that your mood will definitely improve.

How to play?

To start playing you will need to choose a level. Of course it will be level 1, because the others are still closed. As obstacles on the way you will meet spikes, mountains, sharp precipices. The musical accompaniment is very fun and beautiful sounds. The sound of jumping is also very fun. You can find many friends in the game, because the game is multiplayer. There is a single player mode where you will need to achieve success on your own.

  • Arrows - jump