Underfell Papyrus

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Underfell Papyrus
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Underfell Papyrus

Here is an interesting Underfell Papyrus game in which you will have to meet new monsters. This is another game from the category of Undertale games. This is a horror genre, so you will be very scared to play the game. According to the plot, you are in a terrible dungeon. This time you have to fight against a completely different monster that you have not encountered before. If before it was Sans, now it will be Papyrus. It is the same skeleton. To be more precise, this is the brother of that same Sans. They are very similar, but differ in character. It will be very difficult to fight against this monster named Papyrus. In order to defeat him, you need to be highly skilled.

How to play?

Playing Underfell Papyrus is very simple, so you just need to select the game mode in which you will take part in the menu. There are several of them, so decide which one will be the best for you from the listed ones. In each battle in which you will take part, you will need to choose a scenario in which the battle will go. It could be conflict, friendship, or other scenarios. Think about which one is best for you. During the fight, you will need to keep the red heart carefully.

  • Mouse - action
  • Arrows - move