Ratings: 3 (average 5 from 5)
Played: 2037

Deltarune is an offshoot of the famous Undertale game in which you will still have to hunt underground. The creator of this cool and very interesting game is Toby Fox. Compared to the undertale, everything is very similar here, but there are certain changes that you will definitely like. A lot of cool features have been added that you can use during the battles. The gameplay is accompanied by cheerful music. The battles themselves have undergone a lot of changes, so it has become even more interesting. We can say that now each participant in the battle is responsible for his action. If you put an item on yourself, then it will have a positive or negative effect on the direct participant. If before it was impossible to defend, now you can. In battles, you can use magic, as well as your opponent. The game is currently under development, so there is only one ending.

How to play?

In order to start playing you need to click on the start button. After that, you appear in the dungeon, where the main events will take place. The number of monsters that you will meet on your way has been increased significantly, but there are also familiar enemies for you. The battle against monsters itself has undergone some changes, so you will need to adapt to it. In each battle, it will be possible to choose a scenario according to which it will take place.

  • Arrow Keys- Move/select
  • Z- choose