Undertale Together

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Undertale Together
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Undertale Together

An exciting game Undertale Together online in which you will have the opportunity to play for two players at the same time. This version of the game is specially made in such a way that during the battles you and your friend play together on the same computer. According to the plot, you and your friend got into the dungeon and now you will need to do everything in order to get out of there. Of course, this is extremely difficult to do, because various monsters will stand in the way. Some monsters can be befriended, and some will definitely need to be confronted, so keep in mind that you need to think through your whole situation with extreme skill. The graphics in the game are pixelated, because this is a well-known indie genre.

How to play?

In order to start playing, it would be best for you to have a friend next to you. While walking through the dungeon, you will have to control one player, and the second will go side by side. As for how the battle will take place, everything here is actually very simple. The heart that you control is divided into two parts, so you will need to coordinately run away from the blows that enemy monsters will make on you.

  • 1 player - arrows and z
  • 2 player - a, d, w, s