Bad Monday Simulator

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Bad Monday Simulator
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Bad Monday Simulator

Already a long time ago, everyone fell in love with an exciting game called Undertale. The most famous representatives of this series of games are Sans, Chara Frisk, and many others. Before you is a great game Bad Monday Simulator which is an analogue of the famous game Undertale. If there you fought in a dark dungeon against terrible monsters, then in this mod called undergarf you will fight against the famous character Garfield. In each battle, you will have the opportunity to go through several scenarios. Choose the most suitable scenario for you. That is, you must understand that there will not necessarily be a confrontation scenario with Garfield, you can even make friends with him. Keep in touch with him and carefully read his remarks, because this is very important.

How to play?

If you are familiar with the game Undertale, then you understand perfectly how to play. You will control the red heart, and your task will be to make sure that Garfield cannot destroy you. The graphics of the game are very simple, but this is how it should be in the indie genre. The music that accompanies the gameplay will be very cheerful, which will increase your mood.

  • Arrows - control