Scary Teacher 3D

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Scary Teacher 3D
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Scary Teacher 3D

Scary Teacher 3D is a typical horror game in which you have to hide from the antagonist. This time you will do everything to solve all your problems with the evil teacher. You will play as a little girl who, like all children, went to school, and everything seemed to be great, but there was one teacher who scoffed in every possible way, mocked all the students. For this reason, the attitude towards the representative of the educational institution was clearly very bad. So fate decreed that she recently moved next to this girl, literally to the next street. There is nothing left but to take under your protection a little girl and help her punish Miss T. In fact, the plot is very funny and funny, so every child can safely play this game.

How to play?

It will be very exciting to play, because the game begins according to the plot with the fact that you carefully entered the house of our beloved teacher. She has a luxurious mansion, which will have 15 rooms. Your task is to walk around the house and scare her in every possible way so that her life turns into a real hell. It is important that she cannot see you, because then she can catch up with you and you will definitely not say hello. There are many interesting items in the house with which you will definitely play a funny joke with her. Good luck!

  • Keyboard arrows - move
  • Mouse - action and overview
  • Spacebar - jump