Miss T 3d

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Miss T 3d
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Miss T 3d

Before you is a very famous game called Scary Teacher 3d. The main roles of this horror are Miss T favorite teachers at school. Few people know that in fact she behaves very inappropriately in the classroom, so the students are very angry with her. Very much she already got a fragile girl with her antics in the classroom. Rumor has it that she humiliated and beat her, so the girl decided that she would have to be punished somehow for this. Some time later, by the will of fate, the teacher moved to the same street where this girl lives. We can definitely say that the student was delighted, so she had already begun to think over a plan on how to get into the teacher's mansion. By the way, her house is very large, so your task is to fulfill all the plans and not get lost ahead of time. Good luck finding an apartment building.

How to play?

In order to start playing, you need to click on the start button. After this action, you will instantly find yourself in a large mansion. The number of rooms in it is quite large and amounts to 15 rooms. You must understand that it is necessary not only to navigate well there, but it is also important to realize everything that is planned there. Look for various useful items with which you can play a trick on Miss T in full. Gather up all the notebooks she scattered around the house. There are about 10 of them here, so it is important to search all the rooms to find them and eventually return them to the students. 3d graphics allow you to navigate the rooms well.

  • WASD or arrow keys - move
  • Mouse - Overview
  • Left mouse - start
  • Spacebar - drop item