Escape The Backrooms

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Escape The Backrooms
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Escape The Backrooms

Before you is a fairly new game, which is called "Backrooms". This game is from the horror genre, so if you have a strong psyche, then start playing, and if you have a weak one, then it is better not to play. The antagonist who will be against you is very strong, so you must understand that danger awaits you at every turn. Being in this labyrinth is an immersion in terrible secrets and mysticism. In the building where you are, the walls will be covered with yellow wallpaper. The walls are rather shabby, for this reason it can be seen that the building is abandoned. It will be very scary to listen to the constant buzzing sound, from which the blood runs cold. Go through the maze, look for a way out of it, maybe you will succeed. It is important to do everything so as not to meet a terrible creature that looks like a ghost.

How to play?

The game is quite simple, so you just need to be brave and start playing. Randomly walk through a large maze and it is important to stay alive. Do everything to get out of this creepy building. The game can be played online without downloading. Good luck!

  • Arrows - move
  • Mouse - actions
  • E - flashlight
  • Shift - run