Ratings: 3 (average 5 from 5)
Played: 1567

Before you is a new and very famous game Omori online which belongs to the horror genre in which you will find a fascinating story. The main character you will control suffers from mental disorders. We suggest you take control of a whole group of players consisting of 4 players. You will have access to a unique combat control system. You are very lucky, because you are immersed in a large virtual world of two-dimensional graphics, in which all the main events will take place. In some moments of the game, everything will seem three-dimensional, because the game sometimes loops, but it should be as planned by the developers. Throughout the gameplay, you will need to read a lot of dialogue between characters. The gameplay is made in the RPG genre, so if you are a fan of such games, then you will like it.

How to play?

In order to start playing you will need to click on the start button. After that, you find yourself in a world in which all the main events will take place. Throughout your journey, you will regularly meet various monsters, so be as careful as possible, because this can lead you to problems. At some points you will be scared, but this is the main idea of the game, so welcome to this colorful world. The game can be played online without downloading to a computer.

  • Mouse - action
  • Arrows - control