Start Survey?

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Start Survey?
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Start Survey?

You have not seen such games before, because the idea is completely exclusive. You will definitely like it, because the genre of this game is horror, so you will be very scared. The game Start Survey Online begins with the fact that you are near the laptop in your apartment. After that, you will be able to walk where you feel right. Answer strange questions that will be asked to two during the gameplay. You will have to face a lot of scary situations as well as unexpected polls. All this can significantly change the scenario of the game, so when you are asked any question, you will need to think about it for as long as possible. The monitor in the game will display various useful data that you can use for your own benefit.

How to play?

You have the opportunity to take control of the main character of the game, who plans to complete all the tasks assigned to him. Completely pass all the surveys, only the most courageous person will be able to pass, because there are a lot of very scary questions that will definitely scare you. The plot of this game is very unexpected, so it will arouse great interest in you.

  • Mouse - action
  • Arrows - walk