Potrick Snap

Ratings: 14 (average 4.1 from 5)
Potrick Snap
Played: 1692
Potrick Snap

Something seems to have happened to the beautiful underwater town of Bikini Bottom, as we can see how the appearance of the local inhabitants has changed. In front of you is the game Potrick Snap from the horror genre. One of the most famous residents of this town was and still is Patrick. Earlier he was more or less kind and was in good physical shape. Now Patrick has become more evil, and now he looks really bad. Generally speaking, at his core, Patrick is an ordinary starfish. Such Starfish live in the seas and oceans. In this game you will have to interact a lot with your main character, so take a seat, because now a very interesting story starts for you. From you to investigate all the territory in which the main events of the game will develop.

How to play?

Press the start button and then you'll get into a big house, where according to the legend, lives Patrick. Danger is always waiting for you, so be careful, because problems may appear from where you don't expect them at all. Pick up all items that you will find suspicious, because they can help you to solve this or that puzzle. Try not to be seen by the antagonist.

  • Mouse action
  • Arrow keys - walk