Garten Of Banban

Ratings: 12 (average 3.9 from 5)
Garten Of Banban
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Garten Of Banban

A very interesting horror game Garten Of Banban in which you find yourself in a large and abandoned kindergarten. It is very strange, there are a lot of different strange events that can scare you a lot. In this kindergarten you can find a lot of friends, but also there are enemy forces that want to harm you. Nearby the kindergarten you are attacked by evil fighters who will do everything to cause you as much harm as possible. In this game you will have the opportunity to choose your main character, and that could be: Bunban, Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy. In order to choose our favorite hero Bunban you will need to switch the two heroes by clicking the mouse button twice. To survive you will need to master a few kicks and punches and then all the enemies will definitely be destroyed.

How to play?

Just click on the start button and then the main events of the game will begin. During his movement, you can use the burning barrels to help yourself. Destroy them with kicks, because it's most effective. On the screen will be auxiliary data that you will need to use in order to better navigate on the ground. As you understand, the main action in the plot will take place somewhere near the kindergarten.

  • Arrows - walk
  • Z, X, C - hits
  • Space bar - jump