Fancy Pants World 2

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Fancy Pants World 2
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Fancy Pants World 2

An exciting game in which you will need to help Stickman do everything in order to get as far as possible along a very difficult road. The adventures will be really very difficult, but you will definitely be able to cope with all the difficulties that will come your way. Thanks to the skillful developers, the game is finally unlocked, so it can be played without a flash player. I am glad that this is not a demo version, but a full one, so enjoy the many levels that will be available to you during the gameplay. During the playful process, you will need to walk through the green meadow, where on the way you will need to collect various bonuses that will be useful to you. If you meet a spider, it will be important to trample it. To successfully complete the game, it is important to collect hats in large numbers.

How to play?

In order to start playing you will need to take control of a little Stickman. You will have a choice of doors to enter. Of course, it depends only on you which door you should enter, so decide for yourself. In the menu on the screen there will be various multiple data that will help you figure out what is happening. While running, it will be possible to do a few somersaults in order to make the game look spectacular.

  • Arrow keys - run
  • S - jump