Zombie Tsunami

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Zombie Tsunami
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Zombie Tsunami

A very interesting Zombie Tsunami online game in which you will need to help the main characters assemble a large army of zombies. Most often in games you have to play for the forces of good, who are fighting against the invasion of zombies. In this game, the opposite is true, so you will need to help the zombies gather a large army that lives in the city. Initially, you will have 1 zombie under your control. A little later, you will definitely gather a whole army. During the escape, you will need to collect various coins, as well as other items that will help you a lot. Helicopters, cars, cliffs, hills, explosive devices, and other objects will interfere with you during your run. Only the person who has dexterity and a good reaction can win this race.

How to play?

Click on the start button to start playing this wonderful game. After that, you appear on the road, on which you will need to neutralize enemy forces. Try to get as far as possible in the distance. Collect gold coins and brains that are scattered all over the road. During your journey, you will need to rescue the creatures that you meet on the road. They will ask you for help, so it is very important for you to carefully consider how you will provide assistance.

  • Mouse - action