Running Fred

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Running Fred
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Running Fred

Fred somehow ended up in a cave, where he met a terrible force that subsequently pursued him. Basically, he has no other choice but to run forward. Your task is to save your life in this difficult situation. The antagonist running after you has a scythe in his hands, so by simple logic it is clear for what purpose he is trying to catch up with you. Initially, only one main character is available to you. As you play a bit, you will immediately unlock several other heroes. All of them are bought with money, but you will need to earn them, and this is very difficult. The game Running Fred has several game modes, so choose the one that is more interesting. While running, you will need to collect gold coins, as well as crush obstacles that will be located on the track.

How to play?

First of all, you will need to select a game mode. It can be a walkthrough game, a free game, or a practice game. Also in the future you will have the opportunity to buy new main characters, as well as open new exciting locations for running. While running, you will have many dangerous obstacles under your feet that you will need to run around, otherwise you will lose. Danger will be waiting at every turn, so be prepared for difficulties, and if you have a fighting spirit, then you will definitely win.

  • Arrow keys - run and jump