Subway Surfers New York

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Subway Surfers New York
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Subway Surfers New York

Here you can play Subway Surfers New York game in which you will need to help a guy run fast on a difficult road in order to escape from a policeman. Events will take place somewhere in New York. You will need to quickly run along the railroad, in order to run as far as possible in the distance. It is important to understand that while running, you will have to do everything so that you do not get hit by a train. Among other things, it is very important to collect gold coins, which will be scattered around the perimeter where you will run. Your main character, which you control, is able to jump, crouch, move left and right. The game can be played online, so you do not need to download the game.

How to play?

In order to start playing you will need to click on the start button. After that, it will be seen how your main character is going to run away from the policeman. While running, you can get a skateboard to make it easier to collect coins. Of course, this is a difficult process, because some coins will be hidden in hard-to-reach places. At the end of each completed level, you will see how many bonuses you have collected, and all statistics will also be visible.

  • Arrow keys - left, right, jump and crouch.