Temple Run 2

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Temple Run 2
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Temple Run 2

According to the story, you stole a cursed idol from the temple, which was very carefully guarded by various monsters. You obviously won’t be able to leave the temple so easily, so get ready for a swift pursuit from enemy forces. And so it turned out, monsters began to run after you, the devil looks like a monkey, as well as many others. In each level you have to arrange a swift escape from enemies. Keep in mind that the path you are running is very long, so you will have to face a lot of difficulties. Obstacles in the form of cliffs from the road, hills and much more are clearly not a reason to panic, but rather the opposite - a reason to act.

How to play?

In order to start playing you will need to click on the start button in the game menu. After that, you will immediately begin a rapid escape from the temple. Terrible forces will overtake you, so accelerate so that your heels sparkle. It is important to understand that at each individual level you can earn a lot of gold, which you will definitely spend on improving your character in the future.

  • Mouse - action