Tall Man Run

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Tall Man Run
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Tall Man Run

A lot of games have recently appeared on the theme of running. One of these is now in front of you, so we advise you to play online right now. Here you will need to take control of a very tall person and quickly run forward. This will be hindered by very strong barriers that are specially created so that life does not seem easy to you. In order to grow during the run, it will be necessary to take bonuses that lie on the road. These are special gates, on each of which the number of centimeters you grow is written. The further you get, the harder it will be to run, so gain experience to eventually win.

How to play?

Very simple, you will first need to play as a little person who has a dream - to grow up. Yes, this is extremely difficult to do, but if he is disciplined and secure, then he will definitely be able to achieve his goals. This is an unlocked version, so you can play right now.

  • Mouse - action
  • Keyboard - run