Undertale Clicker

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Undertale Clicker
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Undertale Clicker

Before you is a very interesting game Undertale Clicker online in which you will need to develop your character with the help of mouse button clicks. An incredible story about how you play as a hero who was walking through the area, and suddenly fell into the dungeon. Considering that the main character got there, it makes sense to try to explore the area in order to understand what is happening there. Keep in mind that there will be a lot of monsters in the dungeon, so you will have a hard time. You will have the opportunity to confront the monsters, or make friends with them. There is an option for the gameplay to take place according to other scenarios. In order for you to eventually get out of the dungeon, you will have to develop your hero, because so far there is not enough strength to complete tasks. In the role of monsters will be as usual: Sans, Frisk, Chara and many others.

How to play?

In order to start playing you need only one mouse button. Click on the center of the screen to earn as many points as possible. For these points, you can buy upgrades for the main character. This will greatly help you in adapting to the terrible underworld as best as possible. Be on the lookout, because monsters can be waiting for you anywhere.

  • Mouse - action