Ragdoll Playground

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Ragdoll Playground
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Ragdoll Playground

Ragdoll Playground is a very interesting game in which you will have to conduct experiments on a mannequin. This game is from the sandbox genre, so you can do anything you want here. Considering that this is a regular virtual game, you can do anything with dummies. Don't feel sorry for anyone, because it's not real - it's a virtual game. In order to conduct experiments on the dolls you will have a huge number of different tools in your hands. There are weapons, there are ordinary improvised means to exert a negative influence on the doll that is in front of you. Use a hammer, gun, concrete blocks, heavy objects, also many other things. It is possible to take a car or truck and try to crush the dummy with acceleration. It will all look very spectacular, so we advise you to be as creative as possible. This simulator will definitely not leave anyone indifferent, so try to prove yourself in it.

How to play?

There are several game modes in the game, so choose the one you like the most. There are three modes: Platformer, Angry Ragdolls, Flappy Ragdolls. In each of these modes you will have an opportunity to show your best side. Somewhere you will need to use a slingshot to destroy a dummy, and in other modes you will fly through tunnels. The more you can score points, the better for you. The winner is the one who can earn as many points as possible. The game also has the possibility of free play where you with the help of various items to build a room of different objects in which you will later conduct various experiments. Build, destroy, pass level after level in the pixel world and enjoy the gameplay. In the main roles of this game will be a pixel stickman who periodically appears in other games.

  • Mouse - action
  • Arrows - movement