Flappy Bird

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Flappy Bird
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Flappy Bird

Before you is a very famous game Flappy Bird online, in which you will need to control a bird that wants to fly as far as possible. The flight process is very difficult, because it will interfere with multiple obstacles. Initially, this game was created for the iphone, but skilled developers were able to unlock it and create it in html5 format. That is, now you can play it online, both on a computer and on a phone. The gameplay can be started very quickly, because you do not need to download it, and you just need to press the start button, and then start playing. In order for your bird to fly, you only need to press the mouse button and then it will be supported in the air. The main obstacles to the flight of your bird will be tubes, which you will regularly meet on your air path.

How to play?

The gameplay of this game called Flappy Bird is very simple, because you only need to skillfully keep the bird at the right height in the air. In fact, you need to do everything to fly as far as possible in the distance. Set records in flight distance. The game has an extension for any screen, so don't worry about it. Io games have always been famous for their ease of use and clarity in the very plot of the game. Each mission has different background graphics. The gameplay is accompanied by a very cheerful and cute music that will improve your mood in person. Good luck!

  • Mouse - action