Vex 4

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Vex 4
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Vex 4

Before you is the game Vex 4, in which you need to help the main character go through difficult sections of the path in the style of parkour. The guy you're playing as looks a lot like a stickman, and we know perfectly well what these crazy guys are like. The essence of the game is to go mission after mission over a very difficult distance. On this path there are spikes, cliffs, pits and many other things that will greatly interfere with your free movement forward. The stickman for which you play is free to jump very high if you double-click on the up arrow. The crazy stickman is absolutely not afraid of anything and it seems that he completely lacks the instinct of self-preservation. It is important to understand that the more missions you complete, the more difficult they will be in the future.

How to play?

In Vex 4, beware of disappearing platforms, sharp razors that can suddenly appear, and much more. Only a dexterous person will be able to successfully overcome the difficulties that will be in your way, so train and then everything will work out successfully for you. The faster you manage to complete each level, the better the result will be on your screen at the end of each mission.

  • Arrow keys - walk, run and jump