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We present you a very interesting children's game called DogLife. In it you will have to bring up a little puppy. Initially, you should understand that he has just been born, so for now he is completely defenseless and it is important for you to take him under your guardianship. First, choose a breed, a gender, and also give him a nickname. After that, you should understand that he requires a lot of care. Feed him, water him, walk him. It is important to teach him to paw, growl, and also run fast. It is important that he is not bored. Sometimes it may happen that the dog will need medical attention, so it is very important for you to take him to the vet. Third money, as well as your time to spend time with your pet.

How to play?

It is very important to raise your pet properly so that it will be exactly as you intended. There will be a lot of different statistics on the screen, by which you can understand how the puppy is feeling. Always remember that you are fully responsible for those you have tamed. The older your dog will be, the more he wants to eat, so increase the portions of food. The game can be played online without downloading to your computer.

  • Mouse - action