Ms. Lemons

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Ms. Lemons
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Ms. Lemons

A very interesting educational game Ms. Lemons in the horror genre, which has become very popular recently. Your teacher in this one will be a horrible lemon, that won't repeat your knowledge many times, so it is better not to make mistakes in the tasks. It is horrible to wait for the punishment from the main antagonist of the game, because nobody can even guess, what punishments there will be for wrong answers. Lemon will ask you questions from math and also drawing, also there will be a lot of other difficult tasks. For each correct answer you will be given money. When you have enough money you can buy new educational items from the store on the menu.

How to Play?

When you get to the game menu you'll need to click on the bell you see in front of you. This will mean that you are in a lesson and the tutorial is about to begin. During the lesson you will need to write the answers to the assigned tasks in a special line using the keyboard. The statistics of your progress will be on the top left of the screen.

  • Mouse - action