Ball Run 2048

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Ball Run 2048
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Ball Run 2048

An exciting Ball Run 2048 game that you can play online without downloading to your computer. The essence of this interesting game is to help the ball move rapidly across the surface. You will need to take control of a small ball of a certain color. The essence of the game is to roll the ball forward and combine it with other balls of the same color. Each balloon will have a number written on it, what size it is now. After the merge, this number will increase, so you need to act as skillfully as possible. In the end, you will need to reach the coveted number in total 2048. During the action, you will have to skillfully go around all the obstacles that will be in your way. Keep in mind that you will change your color periodically.

How to play?

Just press the start button, and after that you will appear on a special area, where active actions will take place. There will be water on the sides that you can fall into if you are not careful. Also, spikes that are placed on the road will prevent you from achieving your goals. Try to carefully go around them, because they can destroy you and then you have to start the level from the very beginning.

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