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Zombotron 1
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Zombotron 1

Space has always been of interest to mankind, because there are so many unknown, that is, mysterious in it. Before you is the game Zombotron 1, in which you will need to help one of the main characters explore one of the planets in space. Earthlings have long been building stations that are trying to pick up a signal from other planets. All this is done in the hope that one day it will be possible to learn about the existence of life on other planets. Now it seems that the moment has come when the researchers managed to catch the signal, so a delegation was immediately sent there in order to obtain more information. Since it was not clear who lives there, a specially trained robot was sent on a spaceship, completely controlled by people from planet Earth. After the ship arrived there, it immediately became clear that unexpected guests were not welcome there. It turned out that there are a huge number of monsters and zombies that are clearly hostile towards you. It's good that you have a weapon so you can use it to protect yourself.

Zombotron 1 game unblocked

In total, you will need to complete 10 levels. Each subsequent one will be more and more difficult, and at the end of the game you will find the leader of this entire gang of zombies. During the passage, you will have to look for additional weapons, because the stocks that you took with you are clearly not enough to win. Throughout the gameplay, you will come across terminals where you can purchase weapons, armor, first aid kits and much more. Also, walking around this planet, you can find a lot of gold coins that you will definitely need in the future. Various zombies will fight against you as opponents, but the most terrible enemy is a mechanical zombie, it will be extremely difficult for you to defeat him. Playing Zombotron 1 is very convenient, since it is not necessary to download it to your computer, because this is an html5 version without a flash player. Finally, there were craftsmen who were able to unlock their favorite game in which you will wage war against zombies.

  • Keyboard arrows - move
  • Mouse - aim and shoot
  • R - weapon reload
  • Q - change weapons
  • H - first aid kit
  • E- take item, use