Boxhead: The Rooms

Ratings: 4 (average 4 from 5)
Boxhead: The Rooms
Played: 789
Boxhead: The Rooms

Here you can easily play the game Boxhead: The Rooms in which you will need to destroy zombies in a pixel world. The gameplay is very interesting, so you will definitely be able to play this zombie game with great pleasure. The essence of the game is to help the main character fight off the hordes of zombies that attack you from all sides. In service, you have many types of weapons that you can use in order to destroy enemy forces. The difference between this game and other similar ones is that there are many new locations where the destruction of enemies that attack you in order to cause maximum harm will take place. Barrels of explosives will be placed everywhere, which can be shot, and they will explode along with the enemies standing nearby.

How to play?

Before you start playing, you will have the option to select a game mode. Click on start, then choose the location where the battle will take place, and after that you move to the battlefield. With each successive level, more and more enemies will attack you. The screen will show how long you have been able to hold out in time. The number of points will increase from how much you destroy the enemy force coming at you. The game has finally been unlocked, so you can play it without a flash player.

  • Spacebar - shot
  • Arrows - walk
  • 0-9 - choice of weapon