Zombocalypse 2

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Zombocalypse 2
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Zombocalypse 2

An excellent game called Zombocalypse 2 in which you will need to help a soldier solve difficult tasks. An apocalypse has taken place in the world, so we see zombies around. People all died, and those who survived turned into zombies. There are a lot of enemies, so you have to wage war alone, against enemy forces that are advancing on you from all sides. Keep in mind that initially your weapon is not very strong, so it will be extremely difficult for you. A little later, you will definitely be able to get a stronger weapon. Initially, you have a machete in your hands, and further along the story you can find firearms, that is, pistols, machine guns and much more. Finally you can play the unlocked version of the game Zombocalypse 2, which is easily included without a flash player. Keep in mind that the further you go through the story, the more difficult it will be for you to fight back, because there will be a lot of enemies.

How to play?

In order to start playing you will need to click on the start button. After that, you find yourself in a world where there is only you, and there are still a lot of zombies. You will have to fight to the best of your ability. Use melee weapons as well as firearms to protect yourself. The screen will show how many points you have earned, so keep an eye on the statistics. There will still be a lot of useful data on the screen, so be careful.

  • Arrow keys - walk
  • Spacebar - hit/shot