Zombotron 2

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Zombotron 2
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Zombotron 2

Here is the continuation of the famous game in which you tried to explore a new planet called Zombotron. The first part gained huge popularity, so the Zombotron 2 game was immediately released, which you can play online right now. The continuation of this famous game is no worse than the first part, and maybe even better. According to the story, you will need to land from a spaceship on an uncharted planet in order to continue your research. The large number of zombies guarding it definitely puzzles us, so the decision was made to bring weapons with us. In addition to weapons, it is very important to have good ammunition with you and, of course, first aid kits that will restore your health in case of emergency. Please note that there are now as many as 16 missions here, although there were only 10 of them in the first part. Please note that the zombies have become stronger and now it will be much more difficult to destroy them.

How to play?

We are very happy that Zombotron 2 is finally unblocked because now you can play it again without flash player. Just press the start button, select a level and start shooting. You must understand that during your walk you will be attacked by hordes of zombies, so you need to shoot back from them with firearms every now and then. There are big zombies that can throw a barrel of fuel at you, so you will always be on the lookout. In special terminals, it will be possible to replenish the missing weapons, as well as already fired cartridges. It is important to collect coins during the game. Don't forget that all ancillary data will be visible on the screen.

  • Keyboard arrows - move
  • Mouse - aim and shoot
  • R - weapon reload
  • Q - change weapons
  • H - first aid kit
  • E- take item, use