Only Up

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Only Up
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Only Up

Before you the game Only Up in which you will need to rapidly climb up. The process of climbing to the top is always very difficult, but wins who will be with more stamina, with more developed skills. Play you will be for the boy who really wants to climb to the top of life. To do this is extremely difficult, but you can try to help him. As the steps will not always be the usual steps that are in the apartment building. You will have to jump on clouds, on garages, as well as on other hard and soft surfaces. The main danger is that when you will be too high, then there is a difficulty that you will definitely fall to the ground. This will just kill you and then you will have to start all over again. All progress will be lost. You must have the stamina of your legs, for without it you have no chance of standing under the wind or turning your body to the left or right. Your path will be very thorny, so you will have to face a lot of obstacles and difficulties.

How to play?

To begin with you will need to master the control of the boy. This is an ordinary kid who wants to climb to the top. He has no idea what will be at the top - maybe there is emptiness and depression. Your task is to jump confidently and preferably do not look down, for the sight is creepy when you look down. Even if you are enveloped by fear, you should not give up, for give up halfway only weak people. The game can be played online and completely free, so the gameplay for you will be very interesting. In fact, it is parkour in which you could already play in your life. Maybe you even in real life engaged in parkour.

  • Arrows - walk
  • Spacebar - jump