Plants VS Zombies

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Plants VS Zombies
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Plants VS Zombies

Here is the game Plants VS Zombies online, in which a real war unfolded in the garden. Your house is in danger, because there is a high probability of a zombie invasion first into your yard, and then directly into the house itself. Plants that grew nearby will help you defend yourself, so you have a chance to escape, but for this you need to bite the bullet and fight, showing will. In total, 49 varieties of plants will be available to you, so you have a military arsenal in order, the main thing is to use it wisely. Terrible zombies will wage war against you. There are only 26 varieties of them, and many of them have great power, against which you will need to fight. When you are in the menu, you will have several game modes in front of you, you will need to choose the most suitable one from them. You will be armed with not only plants, but also fruits and vegetables, so build your defenses wisely. Separately, I would like to note the inhabitants of the garden such as: sunflower, peashooter and also gatling pea. The pvz game is finally unlocked, so play it online without downloading to your computer. Many new levels in the game will definitely interest you, so choose any level and start fighting against the undead.

How to play?

The gameplay of Plants VS Zombies is very simple, because you just need to select a mission and start creating defensive redoubts to protect your home. You will be a real hero if you manage to hold back the onslaught of zombies. The area on which active actions will take place is conditionally divided into cells. On each cell, you can plant a plant that can help you wage war against the advancing zombies. In order to earn money to buy plants, you will need to collect small suns. Also, money will be given to you for destroyed zombies. The mission will be completed only when you destroy all the zombies.

  • Mouse - control