Apple Shooter

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Apple Shooter
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Apple Shooter

An interesting game called Apple Shooter in which you will need to shoot accurately with a bow and arrow. Developing the skill of archery is quite difficult. The fact is that the accuracy of archery is not too high, so there is a high probability of hitting the wrong target. Your task is to accurately hit the apple, which is located on the head of a man standing near the wall. Keep in mind that the person standing near the wall is your good friend, so it is important to shoot very accurately so as not to hit him. Do not worry, because even if you hit a person, then you just have to start the game from the very beginning. This advantage is due to the fact that this is just a game.

How to play?

To start, click on the start button. After that, you will appear on the battlefield, where you will need to shoot. In order for the shot to be accurate, you will need to correctly adjust the strength and direction of the bow shot. For each well-aimed shot you will earn a certain number of points, so try to be as accurate as possible.

  • Mouse - shot