Strike Force Heroes

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Strike Force Heroes
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Strike Force Heroes

For those people who love shooters, the game Strike Force Heroes will be a great gift. Until recently, this famous game was blocked, but now everything has changed, and skilled developers with the help of waflash application were able to unblock it. You will play as a military man who has fallen into the lair of the enemies, so it is extremely difficult to fight under the onslaught of armed soldiers. You could even say that this is a battle arena and the one who is best prepared for this terrible battle will win. In order to fight you have a lot of weapons, so take the one you like the most. Also don't forget to wear body armor and make up your life if you will be damaged. There are 15 missions in total, so go through one by one. Keep in mind that the further you get, the harder it will be.

How to Play?

First you will need to select the mission. Only the first one will be available at once, so enter it and start your interesting journey. On the screen there will be a variety of auxiliary data that you will need to orient yourself in the situation. During each mission you will need to actively use jump or crouch. When the enemy is in front of you, shoot him accurately without hesitation.

  • Mouse - Shot
  • Movement - W, A, S, D
  • Change weapon - Q
  • Special mode - E
  • Reload - R