Mutant Fighting Cup

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Mutant Fighting Cup
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Mutant Fighting Cup

Welcome to the Mutant Fighting Cup game where you will face many mutated animals. In fact, this is an arena in which you will fight against other opponents. Your task is to fight against each other, although, of course, this is a very difficult process, but you will definitely cope. Change the DNA of animals, and then each fighter will become stronger, bigger and demonstrate his best abilities. In order to become stronger you will need to constantly train, this will eventually allow you to become champions of the entire cup. Of course, for this you will need to develop your fighter. For each victory, you will receive money that you can spend on strengthening your fighter.

How to play?

In order to start playing you will need to select a fighter from the list. After that, it is important to start confrontation with other fighters in the tournament. It can be cats, dogs and other animals. They are all robotic, so you should clearly understand this. Each fighter is capable of mastering special skills that are sure to help you win tournaments. To become a champion, you need to train hard. This game was created back in 2016, but after the flash player stopped working, it didn’t work for a long time. Now, finally, the game Mutant Fighting Cup online can be played without a flash player.

  • Mouse - action