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Before you is a Murder game in which you will need to help your main character kill the king. You will play as a footman who always serves the king. Once he received an offer that he could not refuse. He was bribed, and now he will need to complete an important task. Try to stealthily kill the king. For this you have a dagger. Gently take it out of your pocket unnoticed and try to accurately hit your target. Keep in mind that if the king notices strange behavior in you, he will call the guards and she will quickly take you to her place. In order for the dagger strike to be successful, you will need to hold down the Space button for 10 seconds. The game can be played online without a flash player.

How to play?

You will need to try to do everything in the game Murder to secretly kill the king. The screen will show 2 characters, you and the king. You secretly crept up behind and gathered quietly to complete all your goals. The kingdom is very quiet, so the less noise you make, the higher your chance of destroying the enemy.

  • Spacebar - get knife