Comics Bob

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Comics Bob
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Comics Bob

Comics Bob online is an opportunity to play your favorite game without downloading to your computer. Events take place in prehistoric times. That is, you will regularly be in caves, use stone, as well as homemade tools made of wood and stone to pass the complexities. Manage you will be a caveman who got into the complexities. The main goal of the protagonist is to find his beloved girl who is lost somewhere far away in the background of the story. The game is made in the form of individual scenes. They are very reminiscent of comic books. In each separate scene you will need to perform a task. Sometimes you will need to outwit an enemy that is in your way. There will be situations where you will need to overcome a large cliff. The ultimate goal is to free your girlfriend who just like you got into great difficulties.

How to play?

You will control a caveman named Bob. He does not have a strong intellect, so he is strongly influenced by natural instincts. It is the primal instincts that he is always guided by when building goals. When you overcome all the obstacles that will be on your way, you will finally meet your beloved for a romantic evening. On the way you will have to fight with tigers, lions, other primitive people, so get ready for a long and difficult fight.

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