Ms Lemons Puzzle

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Ms Lemons Puzzle
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Ms Lemons Puzzle

If you follow trendy games, you've definitely heard about the game with the name Ms. Lemons. In the main roles will be usual lemon, but the truth he has a difference, so he is a little bit different from the usual fruit by the fact that he is able to talk. Also he has eyes and mouth, so the lemon reminds very much the head of the living creature. By profession this main character is a teacher, so expect from him difficult questions. Most often they will be mathematical, so remember the knowledge you got at school. This knowledge will definitely help you solve the problems. The game can be safely attributed to the genre of horror, because as it turns out the essence of lemon is horrible, as well as its nasty sour taste. In the game, which is located on this page you can play online and in it you will need to collect a big picture of the small elements.

How to play?

To start you need the mouse cursor to take one of the elements of the picture and pull it to the right place. The main goal is to collect a big whole picture, which depicts Ms. lemons. The whole picture is composed of 15 pieces, so you'll have to think how to arrange the pieces so that they are lined up correctly. Try to complete all tasks as quickly as possible in time, because it will help you get a high grade from the evil teacher.

  • Mouse - action