Undertale 2 player

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Undertale 2 player
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Undertale 2 player

Here you can play a very interesting Undertale 2 player game in which you can fight against each other. If in previous versions of the bit in the dungeon you could only play as one player, now you can play for two. The main roles will be famous monsters named Sans and Chara. They are probably the most popular monsters, because of which everyone knows this beautiful game. Sans is a skeleton that looks very intimidating, so he is a very strong opponent. Chara is a red heart that will also be on the battlefield. You have to take part in an uncompromising battle, where there will definitely be the most severe scenario of war.

How to play?

In order to start playing, you will first need to call a friend with whom you will play. After that, look carefully at what kind of control, in order to understand how to influence the opponent during the battle. There will be a black square on the screen, where the main events of the game will take place. Try to beat each other, although this will not be easy. In the end, maybe you will be able to get out of the dungeon.


How to play:

  • Use WASD to control Sans
  • Up, Down, Left, and Right to control Chara/SOUL

Sans Attacks:

  • Z:Shoot Bones
  • X:Ghasterblaster
  • C:Blue Bones

Chara's Attack:

  • Numpad0: FIGHT aka Shoot Heart Particles