Pico Park

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Pico Park
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Pico Park

Before you is a Pico Park game in which you will need to help little kittens get to the door that leads to the exit. The graphics are very simple in this game, but you must understand that it is specially made in the style of minimalism. Each cat is a different color, there are such colors as: blue, green, red, purple and others. Passing each level will be real only if you interact with each other correctly, so keep a good and strong contact with your brothers in the story. Each level is pretty simple, but various obstacles, such as cliffs, or sharp spikes, will interfere with progress along the distance. During your movement, you need to find the key in a hard-to-reach place, take it and go to the door where you can use it.

How to play?

To begin with, the first settings will be available to you, in which you specify how many participants will play in the game. When you decide, it will be possible to go on a hike, where a huge number of difficulties will await you, but do not be discouraged, because this is the point. Figure out what color the players will be with you, just remove the rest. After they appeared on the playing field, it will be possible to go forward. Overcome various difficulties along the way, but remember that the main goal is to find the key and get to the door. This way you will be able to move to the next level. There you will need the same actions, but the truth is much more complicated already.

What devices can you play on?

You can play Pico Park on your mobile, computer and, of course, ios.

  • Off White : T , F , G , H
  • Red  :   W , S , A , D
  • Green : Num Pad (8 , 5 ,4  , 6)
  • Blue : Arrow Keys
  • Purple : I , J K , L