Choo Choo Charles 2

Ratings: 3 (average 3.7 from 5)
Choo Choo Charles 2
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Choo Choo Charles 2

Choo Choo Charles 2 - This is a new interesting horror game in which you will encounter very exciting events. In it you can play online, without downloading to your computer. The plot of this game is to use firearms, bazookas, pistols to shoot back from the train. This train is unusual, because it is a terrible monster that is crossed with a spider. That is, you will ride a real - train spider. Fight him as you realize it will be very difficult without weapons. Given that you have a lot of weapons in your hands, you will need to shoot at enemies who are coming after you. With the help of the scope you will be able to hit the target accurately. Remember that the number of bullets you have limited, so be calculated and economical. Very beautiful 3d graphics will definitely allow you to consider all the details on the horizon where the train rides.

How to play?

It will be very easy to start the gameplay. Just click on the start button and then you will find yourself in great danger. You are trying to escape from the horrible antagonist, but for this you need to put a lot of effort. The atmosphere is creepy in the game, because there is a dark forest, scary sounds, and a dangerous enemy around. Watch the balance of your lives, because you can be destroyed very quickly, and you will not even notice how it happened.

  • Mouse - use