FNF VS Frisk

Ratings: 3 (average 2.7 from 5)
FNF VS Frisk
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FNF VS Frisk

A great game in which you will have to sing along with the characters from Undertale. The game process is very interesting, so we advise you to sit back and start competing in musical battles against the opponent in front of you. Frisk is the main character from the Undertale game, so he is probably not only very brave, because he was able to cope with the Undertale dungeon himself, but also talented, because he is definitely able to skillfully sing songs. This mod has a lot of new songs that you will definitely like very much. Try, as much as possible, to get into the rhythm of the compositions that sound. The stage will also feature the legendary singer Flowey, who already has a lot of experience in performing songs.

How to play?

In order to start playing Friday Night Funkin Frisk, you will need to select a game mode. It can be a training mode, and it can also be a game of passing. In order to be successful in singing songs, you will need to hit the arrows on the keyboard accurately and on time. This will win this difficult battle.

  • Mouse - action
  • Arrows - sing songs