FNF VS Nonsense 2.0

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FNF VS Nonsense 2.0
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FNF VS Nonsense 2.0

FNF VS Nonsense 2.0 is a sequel to the famous mod, in which Boyfriend fights in a rap battle against the rapper Nonsense. This opponent is very capable, so it will be extremely difficult for you to fight against him. Boyfriend already has a lot of experience battling against many different opponents. Nonsense is a guy who has his own youtube channel, which has quite a lot of subscribers. The point of these battles is to sing a track better than your opponent will. The process is very complex, but incredibly interesting, because the songs are new in this mod is very much. In front of you is finally a complete mod, in which a full week is available. In the menu you will find 14 tracks, under which you can have rap battles. There are also bonus songs, they total 10, but they are available only in Freeplay mode. The game can be played online without downloading to your computer.

How to play?

The addictive game is very easy to control. In order to play Friday Night Funkin Nonsense 2.0 you just need to click on the arrows. This will allow you to hit the beat of the song better than your opponent does. There are four varieties of arrows in total. Down, up, right and left, so you will need to press the same arrows on the keyboard in time and aptly.

The list of songs in the mod:

  • Sunny Day - Uncommon - Highlighted - Context Sensitive - Newsensical - Random - Logical - Rethink - Simple - Your Mom
  • Nonsensica - Highlighter - Swingin - Common Sense - Highlights - Context - Nonsense
  • The Dev Song - Twosense - Real - Repost - Old Funk - Sense Goodman - Wacky
  • Arrows - sing songs