FNF Confronting Yourself

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FNF Confronting Yourself
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FNF Confronting Yourself

Before you is the game FNF Confronting Yourself, in which you will have to fight in a new musical battle. In the main roles as always Boyfriend, who will skillfully fight on the music stage against a new opponent. The new opponent will be the same blue hedgehog named Sonic. This game is unique in that you cannot die here, as the developers have come up with 2 different endings. One ending is that if you fail to hit the target 20 times, that will be one of the endings. There is also another ending if you perfectly sing the songs that are played on stage. Obviously, the second ending will be more successful for you. The enemy you will have to fight has become even more vicious. His name, in case you forgot, is Sonic.exe. The songs you will sing have become even more numerous. The mix you will be playing on is called FF Mix. There are also 2 game modes in this mod, so choose the one you prefer.

How to play?

In order to start playing this interesting musical game you will need to choose an opponent and start after that the active phase of the confrontation. Play similar games on the theme Friday Night Funkin need the same principle: your task is to press in time and aptly on the arrows on the keyboard. If you will be great at hitting the arrows, then the songs that sound on stage will sound perfect in your performance. Try to learn all the songs that appear here to be a perfect singer on stage and not to lose to anyone else.

  • Arrows - sing songs